Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Protists smack down!!!!

Protists are not bacteria because they have a nucleus and bacteria don't. Amoeba have a fake foot to help them move around. They eat bacteria. They have to get food like we do! We have a food store and they don't!! Paramecium have a nucleus and they have to get their food.They are different, Paramecium do not have a fake foot.
See video.

Cool right? This fake foot is really cool!!!

Protists were traditionally subdivided into several groups based on similarities or movement.
Paramecium and amoeba are alike because they have a nucleus and they attack (or hunt) for their food.
We don't do that! They both feed of bacteria.

Well that is pretty much it... One thing, they are different sizes!!! Bye!!! ;)
See you next time!
By:Zachary Sjostrom

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