Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Circulatory System!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I can't believe I get to make a Circulatory Blog! This is going to be so fun! Well I have to teach you about it!
Everything goes to the heart. This video will explain but I have to tell you more! The circulatory system is an organ system.
So the circulatory system is your whole body! How about a video?

The circulatory system is what keeps you alive!
Your veins connect to everything in your body! Even to your heart! Oxygen and blood get to heart like in the video. The circulatory system is always working!!! It never stops! It takes out the bad stuff too.
 Like co2. Your heart beats at a steady rate and pushes blood into arteries. The heart is the most helpful organ in your body! Your body would not be alive without your heart! Well, I have no more to say. Here's a picture!
That is your circulatory system (heart) and this is your body!
FAST Fact: Your heart has 4 pumps. It thakes one minute for blood to go to around your body.
Well this is it! So bye!
By Zachary Sjostrom. I hoped you enjoyed it! Bye!