Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Digestion System!!!!!

Do you what shape the stomach is? Why food doesn't go down your windpipe? Your will know after you learn about the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM! This is your digestive system. It is made of organs.
Now let's talk about the mouth.The mouth is the first step on the digestive system. Your teeth grind the food so it can be digested.Your spit serves has a part in the digestive system. Saliva is spit. Your spit breaks down the food.
Take a bite of food. Yes do it!As you chew saliva is breaking the food down. In a few seconds it will be different. Very different. When you swallow your epiglottis closes. Epiglottis is a flap of tissue. The rhythmic contractions of the muscular walls in the esophagus pushes the food bolus toward the stomach.

To stop food from coming up the esophagus a muscle called espohageal sphincter. Which is located right above the stomach.
Now it's to the stomach.
The stomach is has dangerous gasses that can burn through carpet. Your stomach has mucus that protects it. The mucus is replaced every 3 days.
When your stomach is rumbling that is your stomach muscles working before you eat.
That is your stomach. It is not very big. It is in the shape of a duck or a j. Now we will talk about the small instant but it is really big the small instant is 13 to 20 feet long! The small instant is 25 feet but the large intestine is only 5 feet. the large instant is wider so that is how it is called large.
This is your small instant. The small instant is only one inch thick.
If your small instant was not working you would not get energy.
Now let's learn about the large instant.When the body has food it does not need it goes to the large instant.
That is the large instant.
Your large intestine is called large because it is thicker than the small instant.
 The large instant takes the water away from the waist and sends it to the rectum. That is when you use the bathroom and the digestion process is complete. Here is a video.
By Zachary Sjostrom

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